Albert Einstein said “A definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

So  would you like to make changes in your life? Then discover the Alexander Technique by undoing the unhelpful.

The Alexander Technique  is a practical and profound process to re-align the machinery we call ourselves.

‘Life changing: freedom of movement, freedom from pain, improved alertness, able to learn again, improved confidence, better health, improved breathing, inner calmness to mention a few changes.’ The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique; Pupil Survey 2006

The Alexander Work is the study of the quality of your life. It teaches you how to make profound, conscious, life-altering choices –  beyond rules or expectations, beyond both habit and knowledge.  Alexander Technique , the ‘Work’ based on the principles of F.M. Alexander, is a practical, hands-on study of the principles of coordination, movement, habit, and awareness, which teaches you how to release pain and tension, rediscover excellence, ease, strength, flexibility, grace, and joy, and realise conscious choice in every activity of your life.

The technique will teach you a set of skills which will enable you to learn to release tension in your body, thereby allowing for greater movement and freedom. We are often not aware of the tension we do not need. I will teach you to redirect unnecessary tension into useful energy. We don’t need more energy we just need to know how to transform our energy, how to use it efficiently so that it works with us and not against us.

It is a psycho-physical technique which trains your mind to regain control over your body and in time, will result in a greater sense of well being. It is a very empowering technique.

Chrissy Fraser a very experienced Occupational Therapist and Contemporary Alexander Technique teacher can help you:

  • Mindfullness in action – Be aware of how you do the things you do – your habitual behaviour
  • Find your instruction manual for your body: a user guide to  perform all activities effortlessly
  • Learn to recognise and release built up tension in your body
  • Improve  balance, stability and coordination
  • Manage stress and prevent pain
  • By using your conscious thinking to affect change in your body

You will learn how to apply these skills to everyday activities by using directed thought thereby allowing you to become more aware of how you do things rather than acting habitually.  Understanding how to project messages by directed thought is what informs posture and posture is the lynch pin of movement.

How the Alexander Technique can change your life

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) says ‘’Lessons in the Alexander Technique offer an individual approach designed to develop lifelong skills for self care’’

Are you suffering from pain, stress or a mobility problem?  Perhaps bad posture or breathing difficulties are stopping you performing to your best ability. The Alexander Technique works through gently re-establishing the natural relationship between your head, neck and back. You will learn to open up and explore new ways to carry yourself, as the gentle hands on process releases deep–seated tensions.

A series of AT lessons can benefit everyone, in particular:

  • Improve performance and prevent injury in musicians, dancers and actors
  • Develop ease and elegance in movement, especially beneficial to people living with Parkinson’s and Dyspraxia
  • Enhance business and presentation skills
  • Support pregnancy and childbirth
  • Help those experiencing psychological disorders – stress and anxiety
  • Chronic pain sufferers especially back, neck and joint pain
  • People with scoliosis – feel staighter and more balanced
  • Children – to improve sitting tolerance, school performance, self-confidence and emotional buoyancy
  • improves posture, breathing and vocal problem
  • Attention – enhances one ability to stay focused in present moment and think in activity

 Who developed the Alexander Technique

The technique is named after Frederick Matheas Alexander an Australian actor. He developed the technique after doctors were unable to help him cure his recurring voice problems. Through re-educating the ‘use’ of himself, he not only restored his voice but found that he gained improvements in his general health.

We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains – FM Alexander

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