Alexander Technique

‘you translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension’ F.M. Alexander

Discover How the Alexander Technique can help you find natural ease and poise. Poise is our natural starting point……we just need to be reminded.

Our body is precious. How often do you stress it without realising what you are doing. Are you suffering from aches and pains, a specific illness or a performance related problem then Chrissy with her unique set of skills can help you make positive changes to your everyday life. Imagine learning a set of skills to help you cope with the stress of modern living. Think of the difference it would make to perform every day activities in a different way allowing you to take control of physical problems, such as back ache and joint pain.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle, self help method that teaches you how to ‘use’ yourself correctly.  It involves:

  • Co-ordinating you body with conscious thought
  • Replacing bad habits with new skills
  • Exploring how to achieve everyday activities with ease
  • Preventing pain and discomfort by reducing muscular tension

Making small changes can have a huge impact on your life and well being. Being more self aware of how you ‘use’ yourself can improve your confidence and self expression too.

How you can benefit from the Alexander Technique

Through habitual use of your mind and body, you acquire patterns of stress or illness over time.  However anyone regardless of age can learn the Alexander Technique which will teach you to be more aware of your body, how to use it efficiently and how to let go of ingrained tension you may be holding on to but not be aware of.  Once you have learnt to use your body constructively, any physical activity you do will be easier.

What you can expect from an Alexander lesson with Chrissy

Since the Alexander Technique is about how you act, it can be applied to any activity.

During your lesson Chrissy will teach you to apply Alexander principles to everyday activities, such as sitting, standing, bending and walking. Part of the lesson involves you lying in a semi-supine position to allow maximum support for your back (active resting state) so comfortable clothing is advisable.

Chrissy uses her hands along with verbal instruction, to gently realign your body and guide you to rediscover your natural poise. Lessons are always tailored to your personal needs and body condition.

The goal – To acquire skills and knowledge to help you recover from injury/illness and reach your potential for movement in all that you do,

‘You are not hear to do exercise or to learn to do something right, but to be able to meet a stimulus that always put you wrong and to deal with it…….F.M. Alexander.  

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