Chrissy  Fraser – Alexander Teacher and Occupational Therapist

Chrissy believes that the Alexander Technique can enhance how we function in our everyday lives. It teaches us to ‘be’ more in the world. This does not mean doing less but allowing us to be more present and mindful of what and how we do everyday activities and live our life. A sense of being grounded and at ease in ones body is a good foundation for living. As described by Ann Wilcock, occupational therapist…..a dynamic balance between doing and being is central to healthy living and wellness…..

Chrissy started to study the Alexander Technique in 2009. She had  been experiencing back pain for many years and had not been able to find any relief via the NHS or any alternative therapy. She realised very quickly during her lessons  the enormous benefit the technique had on her general wellbeing and her pain.

It interested her for two reasons:

Firstly, having suffered with a structual scoliosis since a child she is very aware of how a structural deformity affect muscular tension, alters balance and coordination often leading to a shortening in stature with associated pain and deformity.

Secondly she is a highly specialised Occupational Therapist with over 30 years clinical experience, 20 of which have been in the assessment and treatment of children with sensor-motor difficulties.  Through this she became very aware of how the poor use of the ‘self’ and bad postural habits can gain hold very quickly, especially in children.  For example when children enter a classroom they do their best to conform to what is expected of them – peer and teacher pressure – to access the curriculum.  She feels that to teach the Alexander Technique to children at an early stage in their development would help them cope better with whatever life throws at them. It is a technique that can enhance occupational performance, giving the child confidence and poise in any activity they choose to engage in.

As a result of this Chrissy decided to embark on an intensive three year full time course at the Alexander Technique Training School in Oxford run by Stephen Cooper. During this time Chrissy learnt how the conscious mind can affect how the body reacts to stimuli and in doing so she was enabled to release built up tension in her body which underpins many stress-related problems and which affected her performance in everyday life.

Chrissy is a certified teacher and member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT) and is insured to teach. She is also an Occupational Therapist and member of The Royal College of Occupational Therapist (MRCOT). She also holds a current CRB disclosure certificate.

While Chrissy offers classical and contemporary Alexander Technique lessons, her professional expereince and backgound in the health service as an Occupational Therapist informs her work.

 Changes in Chrissy’s life

Since studying and practising the Alexander Technique Chrissy has noticed many changes in her own life:

  • Greater stamina and flexibility
  • A change in her back profile and out of pain
  • Less reactive to life’s changes
  • Quieter in herself with better breathing
  • Able to recognise tension in her back and thus release it
  • More attentive and aware of how she uses herself when participating in all activites

Trying  only emphasizes the thing we know already…..  FM Alexander

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